Intuitive Coach/Energy Reader & Freelance Writer - Brad Tesh
Intuitive Coaching
An Intuitive or Creative Coaching session is enlightening and freeing. In these sessions I use a combination of Intuition, Energy Coaching, Angel guidance, Tarot and Law of Attraction , to assist you toward achieving your goals. You may pick whichever modality feels suiting to you for the session. Intuitive Coaching can help ENHANCE your life , creativities and career, while assisting you in achieving your dreams and desires. A session may focus on specific questions you have or any aspect of your life,  that seems to be a roadblock, as we explore various ways to remove the block. This enables you to experience Joyful living at its fullest! Intuitively I am able to see and sense your unique energy vibration and energy flow. During this process I can offer you clarity and insights about how to improve your energy and achieve your goals !  I am also able to communicate with your higher self and the Spirit realm, which brings forth gentle guidance that can help you overcome obstacles, transform your energy, and enhance your creative passions. These one on one sessions look at the problem, as a stepping stone to the solutuon. 

Intuitive & Creative Coaching can assist you in the areas of: 

Improving your life and career
Improving your performance in music, art, writing, acting, dance and stage 
Tapping into your creative flow
Unleashing your full potential 
Undoing energetic ties that bind you to fear, anxiety, or stress in your life, art, singing, acting, writing or creating 
Finding your true self and fullest potential
Enjoying your creative passion to the fullest extent
Finding your flow and balance
Centering you in your Joy
Manifesting your dreams and desires
Overcoming self doubt and hesitation
Feeling free and effervescent in your passions
Tapping into your power and centering it
Bringing out your inner creative genius 
Living your individual truth
Listening to your higher self
Being one with your intuition and improving it
Allowing your energy to flow and find its groove
Embracing your weakness and overcoming it 
Improving your Energy 
Living a joyful and invigorating life

Sessions can be purchased individuality or as packages on the "Contact me and Rates" Tab       
I also offer Intuitive, Angel Oracle and Tarot Readings. These sessions help you see solutions to problems and help answer your questions, while providing Spiritual insight. They are Enlightening, Fun and Freeing!
Sessions offered Via Phone and In Person 

 "Why are some things made to be so serious…it’s just not that serious…let go..laugh…let the rhythm of the moment take you…relax…LIVE."
"We were taught not to notice the ripple in the water the rock makes,  but rather just the rock being thrown into the pond."
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