Intuitive Coach/Energy Reader & Freelance Writer - Brad Jarrett Tesh
"What is this life all about?  Is it simply a dream…effervescent…translucent…rich in fonder and bliss. Is it A nightmare…a strange hangover…a beginning, a middle, an end. A vague wondering through a riddle…a playground…a demanding program. A blissful sweetness of nectar.”
Ponderings upon the song “Carry on my Wayward Son” By The Band Kansas
  What strikes me so intimately about the song itself is the phrase “Once I rose above the noise and confusion, just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion”. In these times of confusion, of sometimes what seems to be utter chaos, is the stripped down essence of what reality is…an illusion. It’s the illusion of not seeing the truth, of playing the day to day dramas out like they were of upmost importance, yet when we lay back down to dream at night, don’t we rise beyond the noise and confusion? As we visit a place beyond our reality, which is in fact a sort of dream anyway?
   If we control our destiny and are gatekeepers of our thoughts, then it brings me to the question of  “Are we the definitive creation of our own illusion”? What can we create from an illusionist standpoint that would be positive and uplifting, helpful to ourselves and others? If this so called “illusion” is our intention in the making, our actions in the process of becoming, then in fact we co-create all that we experience. What a thought right? Perhaps at the core of our own personal illusion is the creation of what we need to grow, to change, and become more of what we are. Maybe it is the illusion itself, which keeps us bogged down and unhappy. From that idea comes forth the notion, to perhaps change our perceptions, thereby changing our illusion.
   When we create an life we want from a joyful standpoint, then we need not feel the need to escape it, or fill the void with something that will bring us temporary fulfillment.When we seek that which makes us joyful and that which we want in our lives, then a lot of the noise and confusion subsides and we live in harmony with ourselves first and  then with others. I think I want my illusion to be peaceful, loving and joyful, where everyday is a new adventure. Many of the things we experience have growth lessons at their core, seeking to teach us balance and more about ourselves.When we find these lessons ,we grow and become more then what we originally thought we were.We become more understanding, more giving, more loving, more in tune, and more whole. This brings happiness and love around us, the very things we seek to make us fulfilled, without the “noise” and “confusion”. I think that’s an illusion I can and want to live with. 
"To touch, taste, feel and experience a moment…that’s real joy, to bask in it’s fonder, it’s uniqueness. To let it envelope you with its splendor. Now that’s really experiencing life. To inhale the Essence of Joy… that gift of Life, that Celestial Awe." ~BJT
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