Intuitive Coach/Energy Reader & Freelance Writer - Brad Tesh
 For the Night
You Love to play and manipulate me,
Blinded by the darkness surrounding what I see
My glowing eyes are my only guide through the night,
Beneath them an emotional war my body fights
You know my deepest fears, as you the night laugh and Jeer
With your dark shadows that encase the earth,
You knew me well right from my birth
You have been and will always be
With your lovely arms holding on to me,
But you night are not afraid to be seen,
For you are only scared of sunshine beams,
And although I love the meaning you possess
I need the day to help me progress
You are here when I need to be concealed
For you are perfect and strong-willed. ~BJT
The Child
The Child inside me wants to scream,                                                                                                                   
From being hidden so long, nothing is what it seems
The Child wants to be free
Jumping up and down on a school desk,
Marking all over the walls, making a huge mess
The child needs more fun then what it gets
The world deprives you of a lot that you are
Hiding your spontaneity, pushing you to far
Being told how to act and what to say each day,
Not enough time to play
The child in me wants to question reality,
Find out why things are the way they are
The child still likes to play make believe,
Pretending there is no traffic, no taxes, no bills,
only happiness to receive
The child wants to fly like Superman,
Above the world and all it’s disarray
The child wants to run through grass fields,
Letting the wind blow in his face, feeling  free, sliding down hills   
The child inside feeds on imagination and risk
Why does the world often take away your bliss?
The child doesn’t care about grades or
 attendance or being at work on time
Sleeping until noon would be just fine
The child wants to have his way,
To be the center of attention each day
The child is in pain and wants to create his own utopia,
Where there are fairies and fresh squeezed lemonade,
 no war
Never anytime to be bored,
Always a new book to have read to you,
or time to play with the dog
Maybe catch fireflies in the misty fog,
If I only could be that child,
my woes would vanish and I would freely live again
For feeling happy and joyful should not just be pretend. 

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