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“You May Say I'm A Dreamer, but I'm not the only one"

John Lennon 

Hello Folks, My name is Brad Tesh and I am an Intuitive & Creative Coach and Holistic healer . As a Intuitive & Creative Coach I gently guide people toward how to find their Joy in life, using various spiritual modalities and coach using Energetic and Intuitive techniques.

I teach energetics as a means to manifest your heart's desires and tune into yourself. In these sessions, I am able to sense and feel your energy field ( aura) and supply gentle, warm guidance from the Spirit world that enables you to become Empowered within yourself. I coach all areas from business, to personal ,to healing, to assisting musicians and artists with their craft. These sessions are freeing and can help you find the key to your Happiness. They enable you to become strong within yourself and find solutions to a multitude of problems.

As a holistic healer I practice energy healing as a means to rebalance the body, mind and spirit. I use a combination of Reiki Energy healing as well as reflexology and aura clearing. I infuse spiritual and energetic techniques to rebalance your body and souls energy and guide you toward optimal health. Reiki is a system of natural energy healing that is soothing, warm and soulful. It gentlely helps to clear away energy blocks such as sadness or frustration , that inhibit you from being happy, while helping to diminishes pain and sickness. Reiki has a very comforting feel, like a warm blanket on a winter's day. It works on cellular, energetic and ethereal levels. It can bring lasting pain relief, more energy, calmness and focus. Reiki Healings are offered in person or by distance (via phone).

Reflexology works through the pressure points of the hands and feet to unblock the meridians ( energy) flow of the body. It can help to move illness out of the body, while providing pain relief. The pressure points in reflexology correlate to the different organs of the body. When these points are gently massaged by a reflexologist, energy blockages are removed and recuperation from various types of illness can occur. Reflexology is also great for increasing energy and decreasing stress levels.

I am a Certified Reiki healer

( Reiki 1 and 2)


NC Certified Reflexologist

Services Overview

Intuitive & Creative Coaching - Intuitive and creative Coaching sessions are sessions to help you improve and strengthen a certain area of your life, as well as release energy blocks that inhibit happiness. In them I use a combination of Intuition, energy coaching and aura reading. We look at what area you want to improve, what your long term goals are and what steps you may want to take to get yourself there. Intuitive coaching is a one on one coaching experience where I intuitively help you see the marvelous, divine self you are! I work with your energy to help release blocks such as fear, anger, anxiety or doubt - which can propel you forward toward your dreams and desires. I intuitively coach people in the area of performance, music, acting, writing and most any and every career. These are in-depth, EXCITING sessions! You can choose one single session or packages of sessions as we progress. 

Intuitive Readings & Energy Readings- In these FUN readings I use Intuition as a means to help you unearth the answers to your questions. I use a combination of Tarot cards, Angel Oracle cards, aura/energy readings, past life reading and my intuition to assist you with finding the solutions you seek. You can choose one modality and focus on one specific area or we can use a combination of tools to help you find solutions to situations that you may feel are a roadblock to you. These readings look at the problem as a stepping stone to the solution.

Energy Readings dive into the energy of your unique spirit. (Whoo Hoo!) In them we look at your energy and uncover where the blocks may be to your happiness. These sessions give you insight into how your individual energy flows, what might be the best direction for you and what you could do to improve your energy on a day to day basis. Aura Readings look at what we hold in our energy and how that can affect our lives. Sometimes I see pictures when giving aura readings and sometimes colors or objects. The colors and objects give me guidance about how to help you untangle yourself from stress, anxiety and overwhelming situations. They can also provide guidance to your career, or relationships and tell me how to help you find more joy in your life.

Tarot Readings - Tarot has a way of showing us what lies beneath the surface. I read the Tarot Intuitively, bringing out the symbols, colors, meanings and intuition the cards share with us ( Very Enlightening!). These readings assist a person in going deeper into the conscious and subconscious mind and finding clarity, stability, and balance. Tarot is like looking into a mirror, as the cards show us a reflection of our energies, choices and possibilities. They give us new insight and bring us a closer connection to our spirit. Tarot can bring new ideas, vivacious enlightenment and awaken a new sense of purpose and direction. I have studied Tarot for 5 years with The Tarot School and am a level 3 certified Tarot reader.

Education and Experience

~ Spiritual & Intuition classes through the ARE (The Association of Research and Enlightenment) founded under Edgar Cayce. I studied energy, intuition and magic

~Advanced Intuitive Tarot classes taught by Tarot grandmasters at The Tarot School, located in New York City. I am a Level 3 Certified Tarot Reader and have almost completed my Tarot degree

~Spiritual & Intuition classes at Maybe Logic Academy where I studied Energy and Magic

~Energy & Intuition workshops and classes taught by various instructors, both in person and by phone

~Ordained Minister/Healer through The Universal Life Church

~ Certified Reiki Healer reiki 1 and 2

~ Certified Reflexologist with 190 hours of training

~ Certified Yoga Instructor level 1 

~ Author of Published Articles and Poetry

~ Author of Eternal Magick and Co -author of Seek Joy...Toss Confetti. Both books can be found on

I offer Intuitive Coaching and Readings via phone, and in person at my office in Winston - Salem, NC. I also offer Reflexology/Energy work in person and Energy healing via phone. Let's have vivacious Fun as we create our dreams, and find ways to tap into JOYFUL living!

Visit with me on Facebook : Brad Tesh

Services Offered 

Intuitive and Creative Coaching's

Angel/Tarot Readings and Teachings

Energy Work/ Reflexology

Please go to the "Contact Me & Rates" page for session options.

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