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 "Seek Joy...Toss Confetti"

(Cue the Singing Teapot)

Seek Joy Toss Confetti The Video Promo

"Seek Joy ... Toss Confetti" is a book that I co-authored with Brad Jarrett Tesh. It is all about the need to consciously bring joy into our lives.

“Seek Joy…Toss Confetti ” takes readers on a journey into Joy. It is written in a conversational format and explores various aspects of Joy, including how we define Joy, how we can find it in everyday life, the reality of transforming Sorrow into Joy, working with the cycles of the Wheel of Life, how Joy can help us live our strongest life, and the importance of Laughter.

Within each chapter the topic of Joy is intuitively discussed and intrinsically examined. At the end of each chapter there are action steps called “Toss the Confetti” that can help you bring joy into your life.

The purpose of this book is to look at the idea of Joy in a new and enlightening way. It offers you fresh insights into Joy, and helps you look at ideas you may have never thought about.

“Seek Joy…Toss Confetti ” takes you on a journey with two writers who share their knowledge and thoughts about Joy with you. It abounds with innovative and detailed ideas on how to lead a full, exciting and Joyful life.

This book is deeply enriched with soulful information on how to improve your life and allow more Joy into your day to day experiences. We hope you will take this journey into Joy with us.

So go ahead “Seek Joy….Toss Confetti”, after all that is what confetti is for! Oh, and would you please “Cue that singing teapot” while you’re at it? They love to sing!

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You can purchase a E-book/Kindle version of the book on by clicking on this link:

You can purchase a Paperback print version of the book on by clicking on this link: 

"Seek Joy...Toss Confetti " is Co-authored with my dear friend Bonnie Cehovet. Vist with Bonnie on her website:

Cover Artwork by Roxi Sim.Visit with Roxi on her website:

Video by Mary Nale. Founder/Editor of Attune Magazine:.

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