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Eternal Magick

Eternal Magick is a book about Magick. What it is, how we can use it in our lives and how it works. Mortal life is about much more than meeting deadlines and fulfilling our priorities, it is about living fully and joyfully a human experience as a spiritual being. This book will take you on an adventure with Spirit. It is written in segments and is fully channeled by me through Spirit. Each part of this book addresses various topics. Part One deals specifically with seven different topics or words that this book is based upon. It relates back to you dear reader, the subject of that particular word from a spiritually channeled perspective. Part Two is a collection of questions from intuitives, writers, card readers and healers from around the country, written in question and answer format. It gives in-depth answers to participants questions as channeled esoteric dialogue. The questions in this section vary from topics of spirituality, love, intuition and manifestation to healing, magic and mans nature. The answers are not vague and are not edited. Within them may be a surprise or two, a burst of enlightenment or even a more intrinsic understanding of yourself. Part three is a summary set of questions dictated by Spirit, wherein you can ask yourself five questions under each topic and dig deeper into your subconscious and spiritual understanding - unearthing your own answers. 

It is written in an all encompassing format, therefore you may or may not agree with what is said here, and that is the way it is suppose to be. We are not suppose to agree with everything, for we are each unique in our own opinions, energy and ideals. My true hope is that Eternal Magick helps you find more unity within yourself and freedom within the flow and dance of the universe itself. May it bless you dear reader and bring you Eternal Magick! And so it is!

You can purchase a Paperback book here:

You can purchase an E-book for your computer, phone or kindle here:

Cover art by Mary Nale:

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