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For Coaching, healings & Readings


Phone : 336-813-3394 


To Book a Session:

Please note my disclaimer at the bottom of this page, before purchasing a session. Then Pick out your session from the options below. You click on the "Add to Cart" button to pay.​​

Email me at to get in touch with me, I am happy to help. You do not have to have a pay pal account to purchase a session, just an email and credit or debit card.

Intuitive Coaching/Readings & Energy Healings

(Phone USA and In person is also available at my office. Please see my note at the bottom of this page about in person sessions)

~Please contact me to set up an available phone or in person time slot, once you pay for your session. Please allow 1 to 3 days for me to see you once you pay for your session. Please see my note about international calling at the bottom of the page if you live outside of the USA. Skype may be possible.   


Intuitive Reading/Coaching or Energy Healing

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Intuitive Reading/Coaching or Energy Healing


Intuitive Reading/Coaching or Energy Healing


Intuitive Reading/Coaching or Energy Healing


Intuitive Reading/Coaching or Energy Healing

Intuitive Coaching and Energy Healing Packages

Please keep in mind most packages need to be used within the first month or two of purchase. Consistency with the packages is more effective and helps you progress further and faster. Packages are non refundable. 


Please contact me if you have interest in attending these monthly teleclasses. Space is limited, and each series has a participant limit.

Freelance Writing

We decide the rate

Additional Intuitive Coaching Packages are Available upon Request

We decide the rate

Disclaimers: Brad Tesh is not a doctor, psychologist or legal professional, but rather is an Intuitive Reader and Coach. By Booking and Paying for a session you release Brad Tesh from all liability for your session and all future sessions or classes. You agree to use your own discernment with all information given and only follow or do that which feels right for you.
All sessions are confidential.

Intuitive Coaching does not guarantee results and improvements, as you are the one whom dictates your own success and who chooses to work for improvements or not. However, Intuitive Coaching helps to improve your energy flow, bring out your strengths and improve any energetic weakness. Therefore often huge results and improvements follow. I am not a vocal coach, but we do work with all energetic factors of the voice and I seek to help you achieve your highest potential with your voice and all aspects of your self.

Coaching packages are Non Refundable. If you are unsure of the amount of time you desire please pick a individual coaching session from the above session options.  


In Person: I am available for in person sessions, if you are local to me. I offer in person sessions each week at My Office in Winston - Salem, NC. Please email for available times and dates and to set up an appointment. Private Office hours available by appointment. I can accommodate your work schedule for in person sessions, offering sessions after 6 pm any day of the week. 

International Calling: If you live outside of the USA and would like a phone session, this is possible but please email me first so we can discuss. Skype may be possible as well. I do not make phone calls outside of the USA but you are welcome to call me. You will have to assume the responsibility for the the long distance charges for the phone call. I assume no responsibility made for long distance calls if you call me. 

Teleclasses: The teleclass line is a USA based phone number. If you have nationwide or unlimited long distance calling on your phone plan, than the call should be free of charge. Otherwise it is the rate billed by your phone company for a long distance call within the USA. Please check with your phone company, if you have questions about this. I assume no responsibility for extra charges concerning a teleclass call.

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