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"A friend in New Mexico introduced me to Brad.Since meeting him I have received much more than a person to do readings.Since meeting Brad my life has been enriched. His words of encouragement are like receiving a hug from angles wings. His insightfulness not only helped me to a clearer path on my own life’s journey but is also enabling me to help others as I realize my own light. For this and much more I am truly grateful." (Julie)

"I received an intuitive tarot reading as well as direct intuitive guidance from Brad. He is wonderfully connected with joy and divine expressions of it. Brad not only gave great purposeful, supportive insight in the cards he pulled, he also accurately identified two spirit guides that are working on my behalf. One had come to me in a dream on occasion and upon talking about that I realized I wanted to be aware of and work actively toward a stronger connection with this quieter guide. Brad enabled me to get to the bottom of my fears and identify a more heart based focus while moving forward. He has a generous spirit and will help you see your gifts more clearly. I am sure this won’t be the first time I consult him. "

(Jenny Sieck )

Intuitive Counselor and artisan

"I had an intuitive coaching session with Brad and I was amazed at his accuracy in describing characteristics of the people and situations I was asking about. He totally tuned into their vibration and described them to a perfect tee. I have never met Brad and we live in opposite ends of the country.This was a phone session. He also had some wonderful insight for me and I felt very uplifted by his coaching. He is a wonderful and gifted intuitive indeed! Highly recommend him!"



"I have worked with Brad both in person through his workshops and by phone for sessions. He has helped me trmendously in "finding my way" through difficult personal situations. Brad's compassion and interest in his clients is absolutely sincere, and I really enjoy his warm, personable teaching style.I highly recommend his services. " (April)

"Thanks Brad for a fabulous session. I was attracted by your commitment to channel the higher self in your coaching.You gave me the direction and validation I needed and tools to work with. I Have a lot of work to do now but feel I’m on a better path and have found greater peace thanks to your counsel.”

(Chris )

"Not many people have a gift like you, so what you do is very unique and special to me. I hope you keep on doing what you do, and touch more people, like you did for me and my hubby :-), best of luck!" (Susan) 

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