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"What is this life all about? Is it simply a dream…effervescent…translucent…rich in fonder and bliss. Is it A nightmare…a strange hangover…a beginning, a middle, an end. A vague wondering through a riddle…a playground…a demanding program. A blissful sweetness of nectar.”



Life and “The Lover’s” Card

The word Love carries an Energy signature ...
that embodies emotional depth, comfort and unity. A tarot card presents itself as a pictorial world, full of wonder, magic and knowledge. In the Lovers Card we are pulled into a landscape of intrigue, depth, love and fonder. While every tarot Card is a fountain of knowledge, able to stand on its own, the cards form a bond and duality which comprise the Rider Waite Tarot deck of 78 cards. Now, let’s take an Adventure into the “The Lovers” card and explore it’s intrinsic possibilities. I could tell you the traditional meanings associated with this card but I’m not going to capitalize on that. Rather, I want to try to bring the card to Life for you, illuminating its imagery and showcasing it’s correlation to real life. In this card two figures stand naked and exposed. Above them the archangel Raphael hovers, with his arms spread open. A cloud floats between the three figures, and a snake wraps itself around a tree, peering over the woman’s head. The colors that stand out in this card most predominately are red and green. If a person were to look at life through the eyes of the Lover’s card, they may find they have the ability to view it in an entirely different, more effervescent way. This card relates to love, attraction, connections, relationships and sexuality, yes this is very true, but let’s delve deeper within its parameters.   

The two figures in the card, who appear completely naked, may cause a persons mind to spin with many questions. Why are these figures nude? What purpose does it serve? To be exposed is not only to be naked physically; it is to express fully the Divinity of you, metaphorically speaking. This card asks us to explore the many facets of ourselves. Who are we really? What do we stand for? Do we recognize our spiritual connectivity? Do we allow ourselves to be “free”, stripped down to the core? How do we feel about our sexual self? If a person really asked themselves these questions, they may find this card holds a vast array of knowledge, far more than to confirm the possibility of a relationship in a Tarot reading. If this card had a voice it may ask you, What do you love? Does music, art, or laughter bring you happiness? Does helping other people, uplifting their spirits, flow love forth to and from you? As we go about our day to day lives, The Lover’s card asks us to look deeper and reminds us to give and receive Love. 

The Archangel Raphael hovers over the two figures, as if connecting them together. There is a correlation that can be seen between our spiritual selves and our human nature. Raphael is the archangel associated with healing and the color emerald green, which corresponds to the heart chakra. A chakra is the energetic “wheel” of the human body as seen from a metaphysical perspective; each has a various color, location and name. This particular archangel is associated with healing and rejuvenation. Therein is something very intrinsic to ponder; why is this Archangel such an integral part of this card? In my opinion, he is here to remind us of what healing is and what many of us seek as human beings. That is Love, acceptance and oneness with our true self. Many metaphysical books teach our true self is our Spirit, Higher self or Soul.

All this may be quite true, yet could the true self also be termed “Love and Joy”? In a moment of Love or Joy does our heart not sing? Do we not feel “lighter” more attuned to a higher frequency or vibration? In those moments of happiness, are we are connected to the Divine self, basking in the totality of our “naked” selves. Another part of this card, noteworthy of discussing, are the colors. Red is seen on the Angels wings and corresponds to passion and love. In this way “The Lover’s” asks you to consider what your passions are. What makes you feel like you are in love with life? Can you find a certain essence of passion and love in any relationship, not just an intimate one? There is an underlying spiritual connection between most people, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not..

This card asks you to look deeper within yourself for that burning passion that brings you joy and allow it a way to flow forth, giving it “wings” to fly. While most attributes of this particular card are uplifting and positive, there is one facet that brings an awareness to the dichotomy of human nature, and that is the snake. In the card it wraps itself around a tree and peers over the man and woman. The snake reminds us to be “aware” of the “other” side of our human nature. Life is not always a bed of roses; and remember those too have thorns. Snakes, although possessing a grandeurs beauty, can be venomous.

Acknowledging our awareness to our negative nature also helps us acknowledge our positive nature, noticing when we may feel in or out of balance. The snake is not a bad omen of this card, nor is it’s message a negative one. Rather the snake’s presence makes us aware to protect our emotions and ourselves, when we sense certain uneasiness or have a strong intuition that we need to be aware of. Snakes have an innate ability to shed their skin, metaphorically speaking could the snake also be sending us a message to “let go” of that which no longer serves us? 

I see “The Lovers” card as a message to EN-JOY life, to Love, to give, to acknowledge unity, and to be aware. We are dreamers, we are lovers, and we are truth seekers. In Reaching for our passions we uncover who we are, and by living in the moment we enjoy the very breath of life itself. If we stop to view life through the eyes of the Lover’s, we experience a greater understanding of who we are and what we stand for. This card reminds me to stay true to my self, to love, to let go and to celebrate Life. “The Lovers” speak to me, telling me to Express the “real” me that lies within, whether people accept it or not, permitting myself to be free. In doing so, I allow myself to experience life and feel alive, truly living from my joy and heart. Our connectivity's far outweigh our differences, and actually enhance our lives, if we let them. When we open ourselves up and embrace life with open arms, like the Angel in the card, we breathe new life into our body, mind, and spirit. We become “The Lovers” that we are.

Brad Tesh 2010

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