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Readings & Teachings

  ( Photo by Maryanne O' Mara )

~Fine Art Photographer~


Tarot Readings

A Tarot Reading is like looking into a mirror and then discovering far more than what meets the eye. The cards act as a mirror reflecting back to a person a more in depth analysis of a question, problem or situation. Tarot has always shown me what lies beneath the surface and provides a pictorial and intuitive analysis of my question. A Tarot Reading is a fun, intrinsic and intuitive healing modality. The cards showcase a unique reading each time. A Reading can help a person improve their life, while providing solid answers to their questions!

Intuitive & Angel Readings 

I offer Intuitive Readings and Angel Card Readings. These sessions can help bring forth illumination and clarity to your questions. I work directly with Spirit, my Intuition and Angelic guidance to warmly help you find the solutions you seek and tap into your joy! In these sessions we can explore any aspect of your life that seems to need improvement. I intuitively can see and feel your energy, while we discuss spiritual healing modalities that can assist you with charting the course best suited for your unique self.


I teach Intuitive Tarot for those whom wish to explore the Intuitive aspects of the cards. In these teaching sessions we look at the entire Tarot deck and decipher the meanings, symbols, and intuitive nature of the cards. I teach the colors, energy and wisdom of each card. Afterwards you can and do their own readings for yourself or others. (Very Fun!) I am a trained Tarot Reader and Educator by The Tarot School.

I also teach Intuitive Enrichment classes and offer individual sessions. In these classes and sessions we focus on ways to strengthen your intuition and bring clarity to your questions. We explore topics such as, How to work with Angels and Spirit Guides, how to tap into your intuition and how to ground, focus and raise your vibrational energy.

Sessions offered via Phone and In Person 

To Book a Session: Please visit the "Contact Me & Rates" page. You can easily pay online there. Or email me with questions  

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